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Shalimar Oneworld

The Shalimar Oneworld is one of the Growing projects in Lucknow with achieving enhancement, enrichment and Grater excellence by each day. Here they offer a luxury lifestyle and extraordinary ambiance contained in comfort and unique design. The Shalimar arrived with the promise which seems to be fulfilled that to develop the city Lucknow. The project had been launched in 2016 as announced by them. The project Shalimar Oneworld is the first of its kind as a township which has covered almost 200 acre in Uttar Pradesh which is all ready to make in real estate market in Lucknow. Shalimar Oneworld is inspired by the standards of global lifestyle and do possess the four key elements Green Field, Lakeside, Downtown and Commercial which are the most important when it comes to offer something called a unique experience .

An extraordinary Project like Shalimar Oneworld could never be possible unless there is a gathering of an extraordinary teams and leaders involved like Atkins as an architecture who is famous in worldwide for accomplishing projects like Burj AL Arab, Oxford Circus, and Bahrain World Trade Center beside that there is JT+Partners as an architecture. More over the Beauty of the township is nourished by Belt Collins, Singapore.

The Shalimar Oneworld walks on the Mission to take the city Lucknow on the finest of the international real-estate market and meanwhile maintains the standards of living in the city. As the city is growing as rapidly that never happened before ever, it is not surprising at all to see the city Lucknow being listed on the Tier 1 cities which provides the same amenities like any other big and known city has to offer. Shalimar Oneworld had brought an excellent opportunity for everyone to get their dream lifestyle. There is no doubt that Shalimar Oneworld is going to be a cause of peace and happiness in the eyes of people living in, and so the organization pushed towards becoming better with each Passing Projects. The people living in are the reason there the Shalimar is standing and shining today.

Green Cover

Get your daily dose of oxygen in a green environment that surrounds exuberance. The outdoors emphasizes natural beauty and open new vistas for natural leisure and enjoyment for children, adults and elders.

Ample Parking Space

In view of occupant requirements and innovative planning, the township provides ample and fully secure parking space at the entrance and near the apartments.

Safety & Security Assurance

Round the clock security that comes equipped with state of the art electronic surveillance system.

Fully Furnished Apartment

Shalimar oneworld offering the best of luxury and exclusivity combined with a holistic ambience would facilitate in fulfilling the ever changing needs, emotions, aspirations and lifestyles of its residents.

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